My research focuses on the durability of authoritarian regimes, comparative civil-military relations, great power foreign policy, and comparative democratization.

I am currently working on two book manuscripts. The first, Propped Up, considers the relationship between foreign support and authoritarian rule and is forthcoming with Basic Books. My second book project (with Jean Lachapelle, Dan Slater, and Lucan Way) considers how the origins of national militaries shapes the political power of armies.

I have led several large data collection projects, including data sets on autocratic client regimes, authoritarian regime tenure, and social revolutions. The data and codebooks are available through links provided below.

I am also currently working on three new data sets: the wartime and postwar civil-military relations of rebel groups, the origins of militaries in the twentieth century, and military advisory deployments in the Cold War. Please contact me for information about any of these ongoing projects (aecasey[at]umich[dot]edu).


Peer-Reviewed Research Papers

Public Writing

Adam E. Casey and Seva Gunitsky. 2022. “The Bully in the Bubble: Putin and the Perils of Information Isolation.” Foreign Affairs, February 4. [New York Times] [Washington Post] [Congressional Research Service] [RFE/RL] [Freedom House] [BBC Brasil] [Salon] [CBS Eye on the World (pt 1)] [CBS Eye on the World (pt 2)] [Vox] [Meduza]

Adam E. Casey and Seva Gunitsky. 2020. “The Weakness of the Strongman.” Foreign Affairs, March 23. [на русском]

Lucan A. Way and Adam E. Casey. 2018. “Russian Foreign Election Interventions since 1991.” PONARS Policy Memo No. 520. [Le Journal de Montréal]


Book Manuscripts

Adam E. Casey. Propped Up (New York: Basic Books, forthcoming).

Adam E. Casey, Jean Lachapelle, Dan Slater, and Lucan Way. Warriors and Rulers: The Origins and Consequences of Military Autonomy

Working Papers

Adam E. Casey, Jean Lachapelle, and Lucan A. Way. “National Liberation and Decolonization.”

Jean Lachapelle and Adam E. Casey. “From Guerrillas to Government: The Wartime Origins of Authoritarian Durability.”

Adam E. Casey and Jean Lachapelle. “Military Autonomy.”


Course Instructor

Teaching Assistant

“Democracy: Theory and Practice.” POL112. University of Toronto, Mississauga. Spring Term, 2018.

“Introduction to International Relations.” POL208. University of Toronto, St. George. Fall 2016 – Spring 2017.

“Democracy: Theory and Practice.” POL112. University of Toronto, Mississauga. Spring Term, 2016.